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1200w portable power station

1200w portable power station is LiFePO4 portable power station. Whether it is a high-power device at home or a high-power device working outdoors, it can continue to supply power.


Output up to 10 devices

Three charging methods: AC wall socket, solar panel, car socket

Provides overcurrent, overvoltage and overtemperature protection

Environmentally friendly / airless / quieter / cost-effective

Accept OEM and ODM

1200w portable power station

In this era of electronic products, it is difficult for us to live without electricity, so a 1200w portable power station is a perfect existence.

Prolonged power outages and shelter-in-place orders during stormy seasons.

Infrequent power outages, such as sudden heat waves and storms.

Evacuate from storms, fires, and other emergencies that force you to flee.

Outdoor relaxation or camping and long trips.

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