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Why is a 12v lithium battery the best choice?

Dec. 24, 2021

A 12 volt lithium battery is better than the older AGM or lead-acid battery. A lithium iron phosphate battery, also known as a LiFePO4 battery, is well-tested and now recognized as safe and suitable for most outdoor and indoor applications. They are very popular among st 4x4, off-roading, camping & caravan enthusiasts, marine & boat, motorcycle & scooter, lawn mower & utility, golf cart and solar system.

You need a reliable power source when you're hundreds of kilometers from the nearest town. Our Houny engineers have spend countless hours researching, developing and testing (in real-world conditions) what we think is the highest-quality lithium battery range on the market today.

Running a 12 volt lithium battery (or a bank of multiple batteries) will provide all your power requirements. With their ability to recharge fast with a solar panel, AC or DC-DC charger lithium batteries can power any electrical device. Our batteries have a long life and are durable. They also come with a 24 month warranty for environmental protection of mind.

12.8V 50Ah 600Wh Deep cycle battery pack


What is the difference between a lithium and an AGM or lead-acid battery?


1. Light weight, it is 1/3 weight of an equivalent traditional AGM or lead-acid battery.

2. Compact size, it is 1/3 size of an equivalent traditional an AGM or lead-acid battery.

3. Built-in BMS, a AGM or lead-acid battery is without any protection board, so it will have serious over-charge and over-discharge phenomenon, and even it will be dead if the battery is over-discharged to 0 voltage. But a lithium battery is built-in BMS, it can offer over-charge, over-discharge, over-current, over-voltage, over-temperature and short current protection.

4. Long life cycle, a LiFePO4 lithium battery is about 4 times as long as an AGM or lead-acid battery. A lithium battery has above 80% of rated capacity after 3000 times and above 45% of rated capacity after 6000 times, but an AGM or lead-acid battery is 200-300 times, and it is at most 400 times even it’s the best quality.

Cycle life is the number of times a battery can discharge and then fully charge.

5. Deep cycle, a lithium battery is deep cycle, it can be charged fully and discharged fully ,it can’t be damaged even it is discharged to 0v. But an AGM or a lead-acid battery just can be discharge 85% of its rated capacity, it will be dead if it’s over-discharged. For example, if you use a 12v lead-acid battery, it will be damaged when it is over-discharged to 10-9.5v, it will be damaged completely when it is over-discharged to 9.5v below. So a lithium battery will store more power ,you’ll get more charges out of it

6. High usable power capacity, an AGM or lead-acid battery should be charged when its left power is 30-40% of rated capacity , otherwise it is be damaged easily. But a lithium battery power can be used 100% of rated capacity.

So our lithium batteries are usually a drop-in replacement battery, That's what makes these batteries so much better than the older technology. Our lithium deep cycle range offer unrivalled performance over other batteries.

Is a lifepo4 lithium battery heavy?

A LifePO4 lithium car battery that can discharge about 100Ah will weigh around 11 - 13kg, while an AGM or lead-acid will weigh around 28Kg. Almost 1/3 the weight. A LifePO4 battery recharges faster due to its lower internal resistance and makes it a far better option for camping.

Is a lifepo4 lithium battery safe?

A question we're constantly asked is 'a lifepo4 lithium battery is dangerous?' Firstly a LiFePO4 batterie has low energy density, it is about 100-110wh/kg, but other lithium battery is 200wh/kg; secondly it has best heat stability, its internal chemistry starts to break down when its temperature reaches 500-600, but other lithium battery will break down when its temperature reaches 190-250; at last a lifepo4 battery uses a battery management system (BMS) ,so it can offer many protection functions. So our lifepo4 battery is  more evolved and modified for our harsh outdoor enviro


How do I recharge a 12v lithium battery?

Due to its low resistance, a lithium battery is easily and rapidly rechargeable using solar panels, AC and DC to DC battery chargers. Safe to use even on the hottest summer day with operational temperatures up to 80C. Lithium batteries are maintenance-free. They're so much better than lead-acid batteries that may be in your kit now.

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