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What's the Difference between Start Stop Car Batteries and Ordinary Batteries?

Aug. 04, 2022

With the increasing popularity of switching batteries and more and more manufacturers producing new low-emission vehicles, switching batteries are rapidly becoming the norm. But what are start-stop car batteries and why do they replace "ordinary" car batteries?


What is a start-stop car battery?

Start-stop car batteries work by automatically turning off the engine when the vehicle is paused to save fuel, for example, when the vehicle is parked at a red light.

Ordinary car batteries only provide current for starters to display, while modern start-stop car batteries can be discharged and charged multiple times. This means that even if the engine stops and the battery is idle, the start-stop car battery still supplies power to the auxiliary systems (lighting, air conditioning and music). There is also a brake regeneration system that stores energy during braking so that it can be reused later.

What's the Difference between Start Stop Car Batteries and Ordinary Batteries?cid=27

Car Stop-Start Battery 12.8v 60Ah


There are two types of start-up and parking batteries-EFB and AGM.

EFB battery-enhanced cycle pad battery, designed to meet the start and stop needs of ordinary vehicles, so that it benefits from improved performance and longer battery life to meet higher cycle requirements. EFB batteries reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 6 per cent, and EFB batteries are also 6 per cent more efficient in terms of fuel consumption compared to "regular car batteries". The EFB battery can affect the higher power load of the auxiliary system, even if the car has been paused.

The EFB battery needs to be replaced with another EFB battery or your other spare start-stop car battery. AGM car battery ordinary car battery can not be used to replace start-stop car battery.

AGM battery-absorbent glass mat car battery is suitable for larger and more demanding start-up and parking vehicles, and its built-in technology is more complex than standard entry-level vehicles. All this is to reduce fuel consumption. Overall, AGM batteries have increased fuel efficiency by 8 per cent and reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 8 per cent.

Like the EFB battery, the AGM battery must be replaced with a similar battery.


Why are start-stop car batteries becoming more and more popular?

Stop and start using batteries because they can reduce carbon dioxide emissions, and carbon dioxide emissions are tons of cars, so this car battery update is to make our cars more environmentally friendly.


Which manufacturers are advocates of starting and stopping car batteries?

Manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, Fiat and Volkswagen are promoting the new start-stop technology, which has been used by more than 15 million cars in Europe so far.


Why do automatic start-stop systems need dedicated batteries?

Each start-up process is related to the large amount of energy of the car battery. The battery must be in a very good condition to reliably provide a high starting current. Especially for modern cars equipped with automatic start and stop system, the engine will stop many times in the process of driving. At these stages, the battery continues to power all consumers. Traditional starter batteries are not designed for this kind of charging output.

Only batteries with start-stop technology can meet these requirements and withstand pressure.


The generator charges the starter battery while driving.

In a car without an automatic start-stop system, the start-up process is usually one. In the process of driving, the generator supplies power to the entertainment system, navigation equipment and other electrical equipment, so that if the generator works, the starting battery will not discharge during the driving process.


The start-stop car battery has a double load.

The situation of vehicles with start-stop technology is different. During the journey through town, the battery goes through a series of start-stop cycles. If the car stops at the traffic light and the engine stops, electric equipment such as lights, wipers, radios or monitors still need power. Increase the load by continuous discharge and charging.

In particular, short trips pose a challenge to batteries. Especially in old batteries and in winter, the battery's charge acceptance capacity is reduced, so sufficient power can not always be guaranteed during short trips. This may cause the battery to discharge gradually, so at some point, the battery no longer has enough energy to start the engine. Due to the special process, the internal resistance of the AGM battery is much lower than that of the traditional battery in the whole service life, so it can ensure sufficient charge acceptance for a long time, and the AGM battery can be better treated in the short distance.


Three advantages of AGM battery.

Excellent cold start characteristic.

AGM battery has a large cold start current. They forcefully start the starting motor and reduce its running time. Due to the cycle stability of the AGM battery, the engine can be shut down and restarted many times in a very short time without any difficulty in the restart process.

Balanced charging state.

In modern automobiles, AGM batteries are not only charged by generators, but also powered by braking energy recovery systems. A normal starter battery must remain permanently charged, so it cannot absorb the energy generated by recovery. The AGM battery can operate within a partial charging range, so it provides sufficient "extra" capacity to store the energy generated during braking.


High reserve capacity.

The high reserve capacity ensures the power supply of all kinds of electrical components. The cycle stability of AGM technology not only ensures the power supply of components, but also provides high starting power. Even if the battery is not fully charged, for example, electronic assistants and consumers are provided to ensure comfort during parking, or the generator has been temporarily disconnected to reduce load on the engine.


Interesting facts about start-stop technology.

The start-stop system needs modern technology batteries because ordinary start-up batteries can not meet the high requirements of these vehicles. The electrical system structure of modern automobile needs to use compatible battery technology to make it work normally and reliably.

Therefore, in many vehicles, new batteries must be "registered"-the battery management system (BMS) must know which type of battery is installed in the vehicle in order to realize its full potential. If an incorrect battery is installed or registered incorrectly in the vehicle, this will lead to premature aging and re-failure of the battery.

Therefore, only start-stop car batteries-EFB or AGM batteries should be installed on vehicles equipped with automatic start-stop systems. If an AGM battery is installed in the vehicle, replace it with another AGM battery.

What's the Difference between Start Stop Car Batteries and Ordinary Batteries?cid=27

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