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What's So Special About a Stop-Start Car Battery?

Nov. 04, 2022

A stop-start car battery is a battery designed for use in vehicles that have a stop-start system. This system allows the engine to automatically shut off and turn on when the vehicle is stopped, which helps save fuel and reduce emissions. 

Car Stop-Start Battery 12.8v 60Ah

There are some key differences between a stop-start car battery and a regular car battery. The most notable difference is the capacity of the battery. The stop-start battery must be able to provide enough power to start the engine, even if the engine has been off for a long time. This means that the stop-start battery must have a higher capacity than a regular car battery.


Another difference between a stop-start battery and a regular car battery is the type of battery used. Automotive lifepo4 batteries are 40 pounds lighter than standard batteries and 70% lighter than lead. They can be easily replaced with your OEM battery, so you don't have to worry about any wasted space or additional modifications. In addition to being extremely light, these batteries last 2 to 3 times longer than standard lead/acid batteries and other lithium batteries due to the battery management system.


Advantages of automotive lifepo4 batteries 

High performance - low self-discharge electrodes. lifePo4 batteries have a decay rate of 5%/year. Its cycle time is up to 2000 cycles. LiFePo4 batteries have unlimited installation capacity, long life and better cost performance.

High Safety - LiFePo4 batteries are 100% safe lithium batteries. Equipped with a higher level of protection against voltage spikes and other surges. This helps prevent battery damage and ensures that it can withstand repeated start/stop cycles of stop-start engines. In the worst case scenario, it will never catch fire or bomb; cleaner for the environment, non-toxic, renewable energy, and free of harmful substances.


Stop-start Car Battery's Balanced Charge State

Australia's stop-start car batteries are designed to maintain a balanced state of charge, even when the engine is off.

This means they have a high reserve capacity and CCA rating for the extra load required by the stop-start system. This makes them ideal for use in stop-start cars, which are becoming increasingly popular in Australia.


If you are unsure which stop/start car battery is right for your vehicle, Houny can help you with this and feel free to contact us.

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